What is Incline Bed Therapy?

Your Bed Is Killing You.

Getting a good nights sleep is so important to the quality of your life and your health. If getting a good night sleep is a problem for you or if you have major health challenges in your life then you should consider Incline Bed Therapy. 


The Inclined bed Therapy (IBT) is shown to improve the quality of ones  well being reducing health problems to enriching lifestyle activities.    

Summary of Health Benefits from Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)   

  1. Lighten Muscle, Bone, Ligament & Back Pain 
  2. Alleviate Sleep Apnoea., Asthma, & Snoring 
  3. Lessen Acid Re flux and Heartburn Ease Insomnia. Migraines, Headaches 
  4. Improve Digestion, assist Weight Loss - Balance Hormones 
  5. Enhances Circulation, Normalises blood Pressure,  Enhance Vascular Recovery 
  6. Relieves Arthritis, Gout, Varicose Veins 
  7. Lighten leg Swelling - Varicose Veins 
  8. Enhance Lifestyle - Calmness - Mood Improvement
  9.  Further Independence. More Energy  
    Gravity induced sleeping  (IBT) also has numerous benefits on body structure.
  10. The slight incline (6 degrees)  is critical and restorers the force of gravity on the body. straightening out the spine,. as well as strengthening the muscles,fascia, ligaments and tendons  
    (IBT) Prevents and Reverses All Disease   
    (IBT) Units Also available for baby cots and children's beds All units fit any bed can be instantly moves to another bed  compact able   take wherever you go Travelling (Hotels etc) You will not want to be without these for a night  

Do you toss and turn at night only to hear the alarm screaming for you to get up? Raise your bed!

Do you toss and turn at night only to hear the alarm screaming for you to get up? Raise your bed!

Transform your bed into an inclined bed!

These portable stands turn any bed into an inclined bed for a fraction of the cost.

Robert's handcrafted stands will fit snugly under your bed and give you many years of Inclined Bed Therapy. 

Imagine sleeping on a cloud of air every night for the rest of your life.