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Robert's Story

 My Wife's Brain Tumor

She was one of three brain tumors occurring in the same Insurance company building over a three year period. There were also other incidences, multiple women getting breast cancer and who knows what else

My wife's - brain surgery, radiation,drugs, a SHOCKING drawn out suffering death for my wife & the whole family over 18 months.

Doctors had no idea why or what caused the brain tumor.  The only treatment was an operation, radiotherapy, drugs,? 

Sound familiar ? 

Do not go down this path


 I was told about WiFi radiation & its damaging effects on humans, animals insects, birds and everything - It is  a silent killer. 

It really hit me, this is years latter ... because no one had been talking or was aware of this.

Where my wife was working had a  cell tower on the top of the building and all the other wiring EMFs  Computers  and phones.  
This danger is referenced in 1000,s of medical papers on WI-FI Radiation - How, Why, Where it is the cause of diseases A Silent Killer

They explain WI-FI radiation, EMFs emit destroying frequencies into every cell in your body 24/7 -distorting every cells ability to communicate to function in every way and blocking out the normal cell messaging  body functioning ESSENTIAL harmony And you cannot escape - Causing Tumors and all disease over time
My wife had the symptoms of vertigo sight loss, concentration loss, temper weight gain, disinterest and lots more

WI-FI the initiation of all disease -  growing slowly continually over years but a lot quicker for children.

If only I had known all of the above earlier and How to Prevent & Reverse it.

So I don't want it to happen to you. 

Only you can help you . 

Now you will have the knowledge. 

You Must do something!

Make Your Life Great Again Prevent and Reverse all Disease.




Thank You for your concern about yourself, your family, 

your loved ones and the direction of humanity


Robert Ferguson


Products to reduce harmful radiation

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Is 5G Tehcnology Safe?

Decide for yourself! Follow the discussion about the benefits and harm of 5g technology. Will it make our life great or will it destroy our health? 

Beings Of Resonance

Must Watch Video! This will blow your mind!

Eileen O'Connor Breast Cancer Survivor

Do Cell Towers cause Breast Cancer? Watch The Video and find out what Eileen is doing about it.

EMF Sensitivity Is Real!


Watch DR Elizabeth's TV Interview as she reveals what's really going on with WIFI Radiation Exposure on the human body.

Sensational WI-FI Revelations from Physicist Barrie Trowers

  • WI-FI as a weapon?
  • Wi-FI Causes infertility and damages the cell's DNA?
  • Young Girls at risk in schools from WI-FI?
  • WI-FI Radiation can be used to make people sick?

Senator McCain Brain Cancer Operation






Class Action Imminent

 The world is changing at a rapid pace. Not surprisingly then, there has  been a rampant proliferation of home and business cordless transmission  technology (e.g. mobile phone towers, smart meters, wi-fi cordless  phones) that has vastly increased our exposure to radiation. 

Recent  legal developments are causing the producers of this radiation overload  to sit up and take notice, as the issue of costly liability and lawsuits  is fast becoming a reality.

Who is Responsible?

WIFI Protection Products and More



Cell phones, tablets, iPads, and laptops are everywhere in today’s  society. Even babies and young children are frequently given an  electronic device as a learning tool or babysitter. These devices all  emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This radiation negatively affects  all of the cells and tissues of the body, which can impair your health.

ShopFreeMart is here to educate you about these things and also to  provide a simple method to greatly reduce the ElectroMagnetic Radiation,  or “EMR” emissions that these devices produce.

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Wi-Fi Radiation and How to Protect Yourself from it! Do you need to protect yourself from Wi-Fi radiation? I guess the first question that needs to be answered is ‘what is Wi-Fi radiation?’ Which leads to the question ‘is Wi-Fi safe?’ Because if you’re not clear about these questions it’s pointless talking about Wi-Fi radiation protection.

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